Potters Resort

Activity Bookings

Activities are available to book on a daily basis from 8:30am. During peak times, if you are experiencing issues with WiFi on Resort, you may find it easier to switch to mobile data.

Some activities do not need to be booked at all. You can simply go to the Sports Kiosk to collect equipment and away you go. Non-bookable activities include Adventure Golf, Pitch and Putt Golf, and Frisbees. The Sports Kiosk even have umbrellas you can borrow if the weather isn't kind! Please return all equipment to the Sports Kiosk by 10pm.

Swimming and Gym sessions at Palms Health and Fitness Club do not need to be booked, Palms opening hours are 7.45am – 7.30pm daily with the exception of Mondays and Fridays when the opening hours are 9.45am – 7.30pm. Gym users must be 16 years or older.

If you require help with bookings please click here.

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